I love to help people feel happy and healthy. That’s why I write.

“I’m Olivia and an alternative health writer. I’m thrilled you are here. Please stay awhile and look around. You’ll find my portfolio and healthy vibes .”

I am a natural health copywriter. That’s right! I specialize in direct-response copywriting for the alternative health market.

I am a verified copywriter and CPD certified as a health and medical copywriter.

Let me share a little about myself…

What’s most important, I love everything that is nutrition. I am what you may call a health fanatic – at times –

Besides my love for nutrition, I am always up and ready to find the next remedy or treatment for any condition. Researching health topics is a skill of mine. I am eager to write about anything new that may spark my health-conscious interest and may bring you more customers, revenue, subscriptions, and views.

Writing about health is my way to help others find their next best solution to their problem.

I got started as an alternative health writer to help others get back their health, or just tweak it into positive motion.

I’ve tried everything under the sun and the stars to get my health into perfect shape.

Therefore, I think you deserve to have someone health conscious write your health copy!

Need a health writer that can deliver? Loves and believes in what she’s writing about? That’s me!

My writing is for the alternative medicine market.

I write direct response sales copy, e-newsletters, articles, subscriptions, blogs and websites.

I am sure you will want me to write your health copy. To let it surpass your customers health needs, your writing requirements, and show the light to a more healthy you.

You can head onto my portfolio page and see my sample works.
Please enjoy!


For The Alternative Health Market

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